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Est. 2007

The Team Adrenaline workout is a purely "organic" outdoor group fitness program. No equipment or devices whatsoever, just the machine called the human body.

The only program of its kind available to student athletes. Specializing in functionally strengthening young athletes with body weight only exercises, as well as running economy coaching.

Designed to develop 7 key principles : speed, power, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, balance and mental strength

(Ages 13-18 boy/girl)

Your child will:

  • Stay off the sidelines due to injury and muscular imbalances
  • Perform to their highest genetic ability and gain speed
  • Gain confidence and mental strength
  • Gain the edge on their competition
  • Get more playing time


We offer 45 minute sessions for:

  1. Individual training or small group.
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  2. Sports teams. Often combined with seasonal skill training.
  3. Running Economy